Michael Rooney Law Office, P.C. represents civil litigation clients from pre-filing settlement negotiations through litigation and trial, and finally appeal work, if need be.

Success in litigation includes a reaching a fair settlement and avoiding trial altogether, if possible.

For an eye-opening article on whether to take your lawyer’s advice to settle, see: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/08/business/08law.html?_r=0


Small claims consulting;
Jury Trials;
Court Trials;
Pretrial Motions & Ex Parte Motions;
Mandatory Settlement Conferences;
Post Trial Motions;
Oral Argument at:
– San Francisco Superior Court, Civil, Criminal & Small Claims
– Santa Clara County Superior Court, Civil
– Alameda County Superior Court, Civil, Criminal & Small Claims
– San Mateo Superior Court, Civil & Criminal
– Solano County Superior Court, Civil, Criminal & Small Claims
– United States District Court, Northern District of California
– California Court of Appeals
– 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

Michael Rooney is licensed in CA-ED, CA-ND, CAN-B and all California Superior Courts.