I. Business Consulting:

Michael Rooney holds a JD/MBA from Golden Gate University and is available to consult entrepreneurs and businesses in the areas of:
- Product Development
- Process Efficiencies
- Business Strategy and Tactics
- Policies & Procedures: Drafting & Implementation
- General Business Advice

II. Attorney Practice Consulting:

For new attorneys and new solo practitioners, Michael Rooney is available for a personalized discussion regarding your marketing, billing, practice development, virtual office, software, and client relations from the perspective of a JD/MBA with eight years of entrepreneurial experience in solo practice in the San Francisco Bay Area.



For the better part of the 2010’s, the City of Oakland, California has repeatedly and consistently been analogized to San Francisco as Brooklyn is to Manhattan: the trendy, artsy, burgeoning suburb “where style, shopping and … (read more…)

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The term “gentrification” has been often used in the context of urban redevelopment by both proponents and detractors. Proponents tout benefits of redevelopment such as a decreased crime rates, increased property … (read more…)


As a lottery winner or recipient of an annuity settlement, you are probably tempted to sell your payments for one lump sum, and there are certainly many companies prepared to buy them from you. Companies such as JG Wentworth, Stone … (read more…)

Top 4 Business Tips for Entrepreneurs in Any Field
by Michael Patrick Rooney, JD/MBA

In my combined 20 years of sales, customer service, and private law practice, I have heard and experienced the gamut of business advice. Books, seminars, … (read more…)

In a groundbreaking new case that is a full reversal from the prevailing majority view, the California Court of Appeals for the Fifth Appellate District published today its opinion in Glaski v. Bank of America, a case where wall street fat cats … (read more…)